Commercial Art Installation

Expert art installation is more than just hammering a nail in the wall, and hanging a picture on it. Some call it the “art of art installation.” We have a vast experience in any type of artwork, mirror, tapestry, hunting trophy hanging and installation.

Galleries and Art Consultants call on us frequently to pick-up ‘On-Approval’ artwork to deliver it to their client’s residence for viewing on site; where we would either install, or return them safely.

We can collect the artwork from any Art Gallery, Artist’s Studio, Showroom, Framing Warehouse or any other location and transport it to your residence or place of business. We can do on-site packing in archival safe packing materials or utilize our specially designed and constructed art carts for safe transport, to minimize your cost.

With our extensive knowledge of the latest picture hanging hardware, we have the ability to select and/or suggest the best installation methods in any of the following venues:

  • Residential (Private Homes)
  • Commercial (Office, Hospitality, Healthcare and Restaurant Environments)
  • New Construction or Remodeling

We can install pretty much everything on:

  • Sheet-rock walls, stucco, paneling, brick or stone
  • Eye level, custom heights, overhead, staircase or suspension
  • One piece or elaborate custom groupings
  • Security Hardware – on both wooden and metal frames
  • Please give us a call for a no-obligation consultation

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