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Custom Crating – Shipping Solutions

Our facility is equipped to fabricate any type of packaging and crating for a variety of situations.  We do not ‘push’ the crating just to upsell a client when it comes to moving marble tops or mirrors on a simple local move.  However, when it comes to shipping high value and fragile items, we offer several choices of custom made wooden crates:

Cage Crate or Slat Crate –  this is the simplest solution, and is built around the corrugated box, out of 1”x2” slats, in order to protect and reinforce the structural integrity of the packaging.  It is not recommended for LTL Freight shipping.

One Way Crate – these crates are cost effective solutions for protecting art / mirror during shipping, and is constructed out of ¼” plywood and 1” thick lumber lined with Styrofoam. Should the value of the items being shipped call for extra protection; we can utilize ½” or 5/8” plywood and add A-frames, runners and skids for easy dock handling.  

Heavy Duty or Show Crates – these crates are constructed of higher grade material, and are designed for repeat use under challenging conditions. They can be customized with hinged lids, doors, reinforced metal corner caps, heavy duty handles, locking castors, locking mechanisms, etc.

We can add custom moisture barrier to any crate as well as tipping and shock indicators.

Soft packing options – include different type of corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes, bubble wrap, Styrofoam sheets and peanuts, high density foam inserts

We offer a variety of museum grade surface protection from Glassine Paper, Art grade Tyvek, Dartek to acid free tissue paper.

For international shipments we can provide ISPM-15 Certified Wood Crates (Bugstamp)

Whatever the situation, the goal is to ship your valuables to their destination in the condition they were entrusted to us, using the most cost effective and efficient means available. Contact our office to let our experienced staff assist you in whatever your shipping needs may be.

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